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commit d9b60bcd0fe897045d69e31a7cf68585c1499926
parent 59a44a0c7cd1e51f296f763701df2117afa1169b
Author: depsterr <>
Date:   Thu, 25 Jun 2020 02:11:17 +0200

added vim colours

Diffstat: | 2+-
Acolors.vim | 113+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
2 files changed, 114 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/ b/ @@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ I am going to implement this theme for the following: * dwm - colors.h * dmenu - colors.h * tmux - colors.tmux - * vim + * vim - colors.vim * $PS1 - * tty - diff --git a/colors.vim b/colors.vim @@ -0,0 +1,113 @@ +" Clear existing themes +highlight clear +if exists("syntax_on") + syntax reset +endif + +" Data +set background=dark +let g:colors_name="vibrant-night" + +" Remove these when you're happy with teh scheme +let s:dblack = "0" +let s:dred = "1" +let s:dgreen = "2" +let s:dyellow = "3" +let s:dblue = "4" +let s:dpurple = "5" +let s:dcyan = "6" +let s:dwhite = "7" + +let s:bblack = "8" +let s:bred = "9" +let s:bgreen = "10" +let s:byellow = "11" +let s:bblue = "12" +let s:bpurple = "13" +let s:bcyan = "14" +let s:bwhite = "15" + +" names are reversed cause me and vim disagree on what fg and bg is +function! s:hi(group, ctermfg, ctermbg) + if a:ctermfg != "none" + exec "hi " . a:group . " ctermfg=" . a:ctermfg + endif + if a:ctermbg != "none" + exec "hi " . a:group . " ctermbg=" . a:ctermbg + endif +endfunction + +call s:hi("Error", s:bwhite, s:dred) +call s:hi("Cursor", "none", s:bwhite) +call s:hi("CursorLine", "none", s:bblack) +hi CursorLine term=none cterm=none +call s:hi("LineNr", s:bblack, "none") +call s:hi("MatchParen", s:bred, s:bblack) +call s:hi("NonText", s:dred, "none") +call s:hi("PMenu", s:bwhite, s:dblack) +call s:hi("PmenuSbar", "none", s:dblack) +call s:hi("PMenuSel", s:bcyan, s:bblack) +call s:hi("PmenuThumb", "none", s:bblack) +call s:hi("Error", s:bwhite, s:dred) +call s:hi("SpellBad", s:dred, "none") +hi SpellBad term=reverse cterm=underline +call s:hi("SpellCap", s:dyellow, "none") +hi SpellCap term=reverse cterm=underline +call s:hi("SpellLocal", s:dgreen, "none") +hi SpellLocal term=reverse cterm=underline +call s:hi("SpellRare", s:dred, "none") +hi SpellRare term=reverse cterm=underline +call s:hi("Visual", s:bwhite, s:bblack) +call s:hi("VisualNOS", s:bwhite, s:bblack) +call s:hi("Folded", s:dpurple, s:bblack) +call s:hi("FoldColumn", s:dpurple, s:bblack) +call s:hi("Directory", s:dpurple, "none") +call s:hi("ErrorMsg", s:bwhite, s:dred) +call s:hi("ModeMsg", s:bwhite, "none") +call s:hi("MoreMsg", s:bwhite, "none") +call s:hi("Question", s:bwhite, "none") +call s:hi("Statusline", s:bblack, s:dpurple) +call s:hi("StatuslineNC", s:bblack, s:bwhite) +call s:hi("StatuslineTerm", s:bblack, s:dpurple) +call s:hi("StatuslineTermNC", s:bblack, s:bwhite) +call s:hi("WarningMsg", s:dblack, s:dyellow) +call s:hi("WildMenu", s:dblack, s:bwhite) +call s:hi("Search", s:bcyan, s:bblack) +call s:hi("IncSearch", s:bcyan, s:bblack) +call s:hi("Tabline", s:bwhite, s:bblack) +call s:hi("TablineFill", s:bwhite, s:dblack) +call s:hi("TablineSel", s:bcyan, s:bblack) +call s:hi("VertSplit", s:bblack, s:dblack) +hi VertSplit term=none cterm=none gui=none + +" Langs +call s:hi("Boolean", s:dblue, "none") +call s:hi("Character", s:dgreen, "none") +call s:hi("Comment", s:bblack, "none") +call s:hi("Conditional", s:dpurple, "none") +call s:hi("Constant", s:bwhite, "none") +call s:hi("Delimiter", s:bblue, "none") +call s:hi("Exception", s:dred, "none") +call s:hi("Float", s:dblue, "none") +call s:hi("Function", s:dpurple, "none") +call s:hi("Identifier", s:bwhite, "none") +call s:hi("Include", s:dpurple, "none") +call s:hi("Keyword", s:dpurple, "none") +call s:hi("Label", s:dpurple, "none") +call s:hi("Number", s:dblue, "none") +call s:hi("Operator", s:dpurple, "none") +call s:hi("PreProc", s:dpurple, "none") +call s:hi("Define", s:dpurple, "none") +call s:hi("Repeat", s:dpurple, "none") +call s:hi("Special", s:bwhite, "none") +call s:hi("SpecialChar", s:dyellow, "none") +call s:hi("SpecialComment", s:bblack, s:bgreen) +call s:hi("Statement", s:dpurple, "none") +call s:hi("StorageClass", s:dcyan, "none") +call s:hi("String", s:dgreen, "none") +call s:hi("Structure", s:dpurple, "none") +call s:hi("Tag", s:bwhite, "none") +call s:hi("Todo", s:bwhite, s:dred) +hi Todo term=underline cterm=underline +call s:hi("Type", s:dcyan, "none") +call s:hi("Typedef", s:dred, "none")