Who am I?

I’m a person. I take interest in the inner working of things, picking things apart and putting them back together, which is what lead me to become a computer nerd. I think we live in an unjust world. I like art. I like ugly art. I like writing things that don’t really make sense but sound like they do. People sometimes call me “funny”.

If you care about my taste in music you can stalk me on last.fm or bandcamp.

What have I made?

In general I don’t believe I’ve made anything useful. However, here are some of my more interesting projects:

  • [C] rtef - A primitive, static only, x86_64 only, ELF linker. Developed as a final project during year 12 of school.
  • [C] bc - A brainfuck compiler for x86_64-linux that optimizes consecutive +- and <> operations into single instructions.
  • [C] mpdart - A X application which displays the album art of the song/album currently played by mpd.
  • [Haskell] viddl - A web frontend to youtube-dl
  • [Haskell] kino - A tui client for yts.mx

…and more to come! (hopefully)

What’s this site for?

Whatever I feel like putting here. Probably mostly me ranting about things I dislike at the moment. Though, beware, my opinions do change, and I am far too lazy to rewrite something once I have become more informed.

Site info

This is a self hosted machine running OpenBSD, and this website is served by httpd. Please stop trying to brute force ssh. You’ll just end up getting packet filtered. <3

The source for the site is made up of markdown files that are converted into html using pandoc, katex and a shell script I wrote. You can find the source for this site (as well as the build scripts) in the depsterr.com git repo.

I also host githug.xyz on the same machine. Feel free to use it for your projects! I can’t be bothered to set up a mailer for it.

Contact Info


Personal email:

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
    do {
        putchar(*("gcc thiscode.c; ./a.out" + (char)(*++argv)) ^ *(
        + (char)((*argv)++)));
    } while ((char)*(--argv + 1) % (3 << 3));